Setting the Benchmark in Standards for Our Industry

Having a Benchmark for anything is critical and the IICA is playing an active part in the Australian Standards for our Industry.

Influence Government Legislation Supporting improvements in legislation effecting the practice of instrumentation and control.
Voice for Australian Standards Supporting improvements in Australian Standards affecting the practice of instrumentation and control
Reference for Standards Promoting the standardisation of measuring instruments and determination of standard technology.

Technical Committees - with IICA Representation

CE-024 Measurement Of Water Flow In Open Channels and Closed Conduits
CH-030 Temperature Measurement
EL-014 Equipment for Explosive Atmospheres
IT-006 Industrial Automation Systems and Integration
ME-049 Oil and Gas Measurement
ME-056 Automotive Tyres
ME-061 Pressure And Vacuum Gauges
MS-011 Classification Of Hazardous Areas
P-012 Hazardous Areas Competency Standards Advisory Panel
SF-041 General Principles for the Guarding of Machinery
WS-022 Valves for Waterworks Purposes