IICA Seminars are run Australia-wide in capital cities and regional areas providing technical presentations and / or workshops in a friendly, relaxed environment, interspersed by networking opportunities over a drink or nibbly with other Members and registered Non Members.

The Seminars are open to all, including managers, engineers, apprentices and students. The Technical Presentations / Workshops are presented by Industry experts in their fields.

Come along and keep up-to date with your Industry, you are more than welcome.

Details of the up and coming IICA Seminars can be found on the web site, along with registration details (to assist with catering).

The IICA invites a presenter to come along and provide a short presentation on current subjects relating to our Industry.

Some of the topics in the past have included:-

  • Wireless Integration : Is it suited to the Industrial market
  • Controls : Whatís best for my plant? Discrete, PLC, DCS, SCADA etc?
  • Beyond Alarms: Securing the Operating Envelope
  • Back to Basics: Develop a better understanding of measurement techniques
  • Instrumentation: How to select the best Technology for your application?
  • Safety: Whose responsibility is it? What do I need to do?
  • Networks: Whatís the best and most secure network for my plant?
  • MIS: What are Management Information Systems?

Workshops provide an interactive environment where the topic can discussed in an open forum with your peers. Various exercises are set for the participants to ensure that they have grasped the information provided during the Workshop. Itís an opportunity to relate the topic to your current situation, and hear how it affects others in their work environment.

After the presentation, you will be able to network with other like minded individuals or discuss the topic of the day with the presenter in a friendly, relaxed environment over a drink or nibbly with other members and guests.