Process Control & Instrumentation (PCI) - National Manufacturing Week (NMW)

National Manufacturing Week (NMW)

Is the event that strengthens Australian manufacturing through technology, innovation and education. NMW is an annual event, shared between Sydney and Melbourne. It combines 10 events into one with over 10,000 visitors. One of the key parts of the event is the “Process Control and Instrumentation” zone (formerly known as ICEX).

The ”Process Control & Instrumentation Zone”
This zone is an important component of NMW. Presented and supported by the Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation (IICA). A diverse range of suppliers will have the answers for all your challenges in the areas of process, control and instrumentation.

Product Categories include:

  • Analysers/Analytical Equipment
  • Data Acquisition Equipment/Loggers
  • Drives
  • Field bus
  • PLC's
  • Pipes, Hoses & Fittings
  • Plant Monitoring Systems
  • Process & Control Systems
  • Sensors & Instrumentation
  • Valves & Actuators
  • Software Solutions
  • Transmitters & Transducers
  • Test & Measurements
  • Tanks & Vessels
  • Temperature & Pressure
  • Flow Measurements