About the Institute of Instrumentation, Control and Automation:

The IICA is a not-for-profit Institute serving the professional interest of people such as:

Consultants End Users Vendors / Suppliers
Contractors University / TAFE

IICA Members work in industries and companies engaged in such areas as:

Aeronautical Defence / Military Oil and Gas
Automation Education Water
Automotive Sector Energy
Construction Manufacturing and Mining

The IICA Aims to:

- Provide a forum for Members to enhance their knowledge
- Further the science and practice of measurement, instrumentation and control
- Improve the status of its Membership
- Foster high standards for design and manufacture of instrumentation and control techniques
- Encourage education in the theory and practice of instrumentation and control, and allied     technology
- Promote the standardisation of measuring instruments and determination of standard  technology
- Support improvements in legislations affecting the practice of instrumentation and control

Practical Benefits of Individual Membership:

Advocate enhanced IC&A input into tertiary courses
Influence Government legislation
Raise professionalism in our industry sectors
Act as the voice for Australian Standards

Membership includes free or discounted entry to Technical Presentations on a variety of topics by industry thought leaders

Our site visits give IICA Members access to sites not normally available to the public 

Promote career enhancement opportunities

Enhance peer communication

Foster on-going professional development through IICA's own TUV certified training
Monitor future trends
Add value to education’s knowledge base

The above areas of practical influence will help raise the professionalism, standing and visibility within the broader community of Individual Members of the IICA.

Note: No formal qualifications are required to become a Member.  If you have a professional interest in any area of instrumentation, control or automation, you can join.

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