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ADELAIDE: Seeley International Tour

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Wednesday, 28 June 2017
3:00pm to 5:00pm

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112 O'Sullivan Beach Rd
Lonsdale  SA  5160



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The origins of Seeley International go back to 1972, when founder, Frank Seeley AM, moved from selling portable evaporative air conditioners to manufacturing them himself. He set up the operation in his garage at home in suburban Adelaide, South Australia, manufacturing 1,000 air conditioners in the first year.

In his previous work selling portable evaporate air conditioners Frank had noticed that they had one real problem, the metal parts corroded. He thought that, if they were made entirely of plastic, he could overcome that problem and produce a corrosion-free air conditioner.

While most people told him it couldnt be done, Frank persisted. He successfully developed all plastic evaporative air conditioners. First portable and then, in 1983, ducted rooftop air conditioners. This wasnt just a breakthrough for Seeley International, it was a breakthrough for the industry. The all-plastic air conditioners helped grow the rooftop cooling market in Australia from 12,000 units each year to around 70k units a year. The plastic air conditioners became industry standard and still are today.

Join us for a Factory tour, Imagineering and Climate Wizard Tour!




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